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There are countless types of hobbies involving arts and crafts. For gift giving, nothing beats a hand-crafted item that was created especially with the recipient in mind. Hand-crafted gifts are not always expensive – but these crafts from the heart can become time-honored heirlooms to be passed down through the family for generations.

Kids Crafts

Arts and crafts projects with kids create memories that last a lifetime. Most of us have a special memory of time spent with a parent or loved one on craft projects. We can probably also remember the special seasonal crafts that we made at school for Mother's Day, Christmas or another special occasion. And don't forget those crafts that were made at summer camp brought home to show off. Kids craft ideas can include some of the following:

  • Macaroni crafts
  • Paper cutouts
  • Painting
  • Stenciling and stamping
  • Card making
  • Modeling clay
  • Popsicle stick crafts
  • Paper bag crafts

Make sure you're supervising your little ones while they work with scissors or sharp-edged objects. And be sure to teach them that cleaning up after crafting is important!

These days, we aren't limited to crafts made with construction paper, glitter and glue. A whole world of hobby crafts has opened up. Craft possibilities can include:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Rubber stamping
  • Needle crafts like knitting or quilting
  • Bead crafts and jewelry making
  • Floral crafts
  • Painting
  • Pottery crafts
  • Origami

The sky's the limit when it comes to arts and crafts projects, and for basic crafting, you'll need the right supplies! Paper, scissors, glue, beads, macaroni, paint, glitter and items around your house like paper rolls, tissue and ribbon can all go into your homemade craft projects.

Seasonal Crafts

Seasonal crafts ideas include special project ideas for Christmas crafts, Halloween crafting, Valentine's Day crafts and Thanksgiving projects. From simple cutouts of hearts to hand-traced turkeys and cotton ball snowmen to basket making, seasonal crafts are a great way to get you and your family in the spirit of the season!

You can find great craft projects for every occasion and season – it's a simple as looking around for some inspiration and grabbing the arts and crafts supplies you need.

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