Rubber Stamps

Create art with rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are an extremely popular hobby, mainly because they are so versatile. Some people collect rubber stamps as their primary hobby, and today, rubber stamp collecting is as popular as hobbies like collecting coins, postage stamps, or dolls.

Most people use rubber stamps or custom rubber stamos for use in arts and crafts projects. These versatile stamps can be used for a variety of different arts and crafts projects, including stamping on paper, greeting cards, glass, clothing, and a variety of other surfaces. With custom rubber stamps, you can add your monogram or any other special insignia or illustration you choose to your cards, gifts and crafts.

While most people assume that rubber stamps and stamping are really only useful for ink and paper, the truth is, any paint or ink medium can be used on rubber stamps as long as it will not corrode the stamp. Most surfaces can be stamped on effectively as long as the print medium is compatible with that surface type.

Create Art with Rubber Stamps

There are an endless variety of things that you can do when it comes to stamping, including using custom rubber stamps and other personalized rubber stamps to create fun, unique art projects. Here are some of the things that you can customize using art rubber stamps:

  • Greeting cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Gift tags
  • Stamped stationary
  • Custom stationary
  • Customized envelopes
  • Stamped jewelry
  • Handmade stamped bookmarks
  • Stamped clothing and accessories

Basically, anything that you can stamp on, you can customize!

There are inks for a variety of purposes, and as long as you choose the right ink, paint or other color medium, and it is compatible with the surface you are stamping on, you should be just fine.

For example, when stamping on glass or plastic, there is a brand of ink called StazOn that is perfect. This alcohol-based ink seals on the surface you stamp it on, allowing it to be more permanent than standard rubber stamp ink. This means you can greatly customize a variety of different surfaces in your home and elsewhere using ink that won't rub off or wash off the surface you stamp it onto. You can also use rubber stamps with paint, embellishing powders, etching solution and a variety of other mediums to customize paper projects, clothing projects, jewelry projects and a wide variety of other crafts. For this reason, the sky is the limit when it comes to rubber stamping and everything that you can do with this unique craft supply.

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