Wedding Crafts

Wonderful wedding favor crafts

Planning for a wedding can be expensive, but there are a number of different aspects of your wedding that can be done by hand, saving you a significant amount of money in the process. For example, do it yourself wedding crafts like wedding favor crafts and even homemade wedding gifts can significantly cut down on the costs associated with planning your wedding.

Wonderful Wedding Crafts

Wedding favor crafts are popular to make, because it's often more meaningful to guests to receive a personal, handmade thank you gift. Many brides and grooms will choose to give guests inexpensive gifts in customized gift packages. To these plain packages you add ribbon, hand painted designs, make a monogram with a rubber stamp, or add a personal message on a custom-made card.

There are a number of things that you can make yourself for your wedding, including:

  • Guest favors
  • Invitations
  • Table centerpieces
  • Bouquets
  • Bridal party gifts
  • Wedding decorations

By handcrafting your own wedding favors, or sitting down with friends to tackle the task, not only can you save money, but you will also create a neat new hobby and another means of customizing your wedding to your liking.

Homemade wedding favour ideas

There are a variety of wonderful wedding crafts and homemade wedding gifts that you can make without requiring much skill. The key is to make it personal with a pretty paper tag – which you can make with typical arts and crafts materials like paper, calligraphy pens, paint, and ribbon.

  • Make your guests a selection of gourmet cookies and attach the recipes and cookie cutters
  • Give guests an affordable package of spring bulbs or flower seeds accompanied by growing instructions and a small bud vase
  • Make your a CD of your wedding playlist and package in a decorated CD case
  • Make handmade aromatherapy candles and decorate with shells, beads, or buttons
  • Present your guests with homemade beeswax candles tied with raffia ribbon and a personal note
  • Homemade jams, sauces, salsa or jellies in pretty jars with customized tags

Do It Yourself Wedding Crafts

The possibilities are pretty close to endless when it comes to wedding crafts. Whether it is wedding favor crafts, homemade wedding gifts, handmade bouquets, or a variety of other possible handmade wedding accessories, the only real limit is your own creativity.

This is because most do-it-yourself wedding crafts are actually extremely easy on the budget, meaning that it's more cost effective to craft your own homemade wedding gifts for the wedding party, or to put together your own wedding favors for your guests. Just keep in mind that you can include your wedding party in the crafting action – because the best way to enjoy crafts is with your friends and loved ones!

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