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Beading is an arts and crafts hobby that is not only relaxing and creative, but also profitable. Beaded jewelry can be a beautiful addition to any wardrobe and is easy to make. You can find inspiration for beading patterns just about anywhere. With beads, if you can dream it, you can create it!

Beads and Beading Supplies

When choosing beads, there are tons to pick from. There are glass beads, plastic beads, jeweled beads, and silver or gold beads, just to name a few choices. You want to choose beads that will complement your design. Pick your pattern and decide how many of each bead you will need, then visit your local crafting or beading supply store.

You will also need beading wire. Wire comes in different diameters, as well as different finishes. You can even get silver or gold beading wire. Pick what you will need according to your design. You will want to pick up some head pins as well; there are flat head pins and eye head pins. These are used in beading work to make design and assembly easier, and they are also available in different finishes.

There are also different clasps and closures available for bead work. Decide what you need according to how the beaded item is to be worn. Bracelets may need a stronger clasp than a necklace, and these are also chosen according to your design. Pick up some bead stops and crimps while at your crafting or beading supply store, as these make your creations easy and fun to make. You will also need some simple tools for putting your creations together.

Beading Tools

  1. Wire Cutters. You need a small pair of wire cutters for cutting your beading wire. Choose a comfortable pair that is easy to squeeze.
  2. Needle-Nosed Pliers. You will want a small pair of needle-nosed pliers. These come in handy for making bends in your wire, or for holding small pieces. You can also get blunt-nosed pliers for making bends in your beading wire. The tips of these are small and then graduate to a larger size at the base.
  3. Felt. This allows you to lay out beads and designs without losing them, and makes your surface area roll-resistant.

Beading Patterns

You can draw inspiration for your beading creations from anywhere – maybe the shape of a leaf strikes you, for example. Lay your beads out on felt to get an idea of your beading pattern. You can also create elaborate patterns with the use of a beading loom. These are available at crafting and beading supply stores, and are simple to use.

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