Origami Paper

Fun art with origami paper

When you decide to get started with origami, you might wonder if it's necessary to use special origami paper, or if any kind of paper will do. Considering how old this paper craft is, you would imagine that specialized modern paper wouldn't be necessary; they certainly didn't have it 1,200 years ago. But it might be better to use origami paper anyway.

If you're just learning origami, it's easy to get started. Just grab any old sheet of paper, cut it to a square and start folding. If you think that paper works fine, practice with it until you get the basics of origami folding down, and then you should be ready to move on to more intricate and complicated folding. This is where origami paper comes in.

Paper for Origami

Once you get good at folding and want to start making more colorful origami animals or designs, origami paper might be just the thing. Origami paper might be a little more expensive than plain paper, but even so, origami is still one of the cheapest hobbies around. Of all the paper crafts you could do, origami uses the fewest supplies. You wouldn't dream of scrapbooking without certain items like die cuts or scissors that make ruffled edges, right? So why make all of your origami with plain paper?

You can buy square paper for origami that has color just on one side – this is perfect for getting a two-toned effect on your finished origami animals. Origami paper should be pretty easy to find, as well. You'll likely spot it in a hobby store in the same aisle as other colorful paper.

What's the difference between origami paper and plain paper?

Origami paper is actually thinner than the regular copy paper most people use to make origami animals, and it's already conveniently cut to a square for you. Part of the appeal of doing paper crafts is the range of colors and designs you can create from the paper, so give some brightly colored and/or patterned origami paper a try, and see what kind of art you can make.

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