Painting Supplies

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Painting supplies are essential for every artist – after all, you want to be prepared when creativity strikes. Everything from painting sets, art supplies and brushes are available at specialty shops in a range of prices.

One of the most important components of any artist's painting supplies is the brushes. How do you determine which brushes are going to be appropriate for the work that you are doing? Authentic hair brushes (in a variety of types) and synthetic brushes are available. Brushes that use authentic hair produce intricate results, but require additional care to last as long as synthetic brushes. Often, speaking with a staff member at the art supply store can point a beginner in the right direction.

Oil Painting Supplies

Oil painting supplies can also be found at a painting supply store. When shopping for oil painting supplies, it is important to know that these are often higher in price than watercolor paint supplies. Tubes of oil paint can range from two to seven dollars and are available in a wide variety of colors.

To mix oil paints, you'll need supplies such as painting. Only mix as much as you need at one time, as the paint will not last when exposed to the air for extended periods of time. When painting with oil paints, be sure to seal the tube tightly to extend the paint's life.

Oil paints fare best on canvas, which can also be obtained from the local art supply store. Depending on the quality and size of the canvas it will range in price. Stretched canvas already placed on a wood frame can save countless hours of setting up.

Watercolor Painting Supplies

Watercolor and other art painting supplies are available at specialty craft shops that supply multiple types of paints. Watercolor supplies have a very long shelf life, and can be exposed to air after they have been used to dry. Watercolor supplies are easiest to purchase and take care of in cakes, which can be wet and used multiple times. To revive the paint, simply add water!

Watercolor painting supplies are popular as the color can be deepened or lightened depending on the amount of water that has been added to the paint. A more concentrated color requires less water, to lighten a color use more water.

Decorative Painting Supplies

Decorative painting supplies, such as tole painting for crafts are available at a variety of places and come in many colors. These paints can be applied to metal, wood, fabric and even pottery!

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