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Since people realized that they could capture an image from daily life onto film, photography has taken off as a popular form of art as well as a way of preserving memories. Many things have changed since the Brownie became the first popular camera for use by the average person. Today, photography does not just mean using a film camera. Hobbyists these days have digital cameras, which are increasing in popularity due to their ease of use. For those interested in photography as a pastime, the choice between digital and film can affect both the way the pictures are taken and the end result.

Digital Photography

When first introduced, digital cameras offered few options for the photography enthusiast, but due to technological advancements, these cameras can now compete with some film models. Those who are uncertain as to which camera is preferable must ask themselves what their desired end result is. Digital photography has the advantage of being able to alter images easily with a computer program after they have been taken. There is also no concern about paying for separate film, even though the initial cost is more. Those who are interested in photography courses will find that there are separate classes for digital and film photography, as well as courses which encompass both.

Photography Equipment

Part of being a photographer is investing in photography equipment. These parts and pieces will be based upon the camera type and picture-taking goals. Film cameras will need a constant supply of film, with separate rolls for color and black and white photography. Digital cameras will need editing software to work on the images. Both types of camera will likely need carrying bags, lenses and tripods. Questions about the right photography equipment should be addressed to an expert either at a camera store or photography school.

Photography School

There are a variety of photography schools available for those who wish to further pursue their hobby. Most schools will have photography courses for both film and digital photography. There are even classes which discuss retouching both film and digital images. Increased education can help to improve one's picture-taking abilities and possibly turn a hobby into something profitable.

Photography is a classic hobby. It can preserve memories and tell a story which will last for many years to come. It gives the photographer an enjoyable way to spend time and offers the potential for making money.

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