Types of Photography

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Once you've learned the basics of photography, you can start focusing your hobby and developing your favorite types of photography. First you need to decide whether you want to specialize with a digital camera or a traditional SLR camera. The good news is that once you've made that decision, the basic photography equipment remains the same for most types of photography. Only the techniques change. Taking some targeted photography courses can help you to advance your skills in the area of your choice.

SLR and Digital Photography

There are various types of camera, ranging from film cameras to digital cameras to SLR and compact digital modes. SLR cameras have interchangeable lenses, allowing the user more control over the focusing. Having become affordable for the common person, SLR photography allows more control over the photograph than compact cameras. Compact cameras allow the photographer to see through a LCD viewfinder while taking pictures, and also allow for a video mode to be used, which is impossible on any SLR camera at this time.

Black and White Photography

It is simple to go to a store and pick up a few rolls of black and white film, but it is more expensive than color film. Focused more on highlights and shadows than color contrasts, it is commonly used to highlight expressions or to give a nostalgic appeal to photos. Many of the new digital cameras have the option to turn color photographs into black and white, bringing back a revival of black and white photography.

Photography Subjects

Everyone enjoys photography for different reasons – a chance to play with lighting or with color, to record special events, or to simply remember a vacation and the natural beauty of a place.

  • Underwater photography is one of the most difficult types of photography, as it is necessary to make sure all the equipment is waterproofed before use. Disposable waterproof cameras, while lacking in the ability to focus great distances, are relatively cheap, disposable and resistant to some of the roughhousing travel can put on a camera.
  • Sports photography is taken with digital cameras, as users can take more pictures for less, and see if they got the shot or not. Compact cameras allow the viewer to look through the LCD screen, whereas an SLR forces the user to look through the viewfinder to keep track of the subject.
  • Nature photography is a beautiful mix of landscapes and natural places. SLR and compact cameras are both wonderful for this subject type, as they allow such a large view of the surrounding area. If you want a close-up of a plant, however, an SLR will be much more suitable.
  • Wildlife photography is a fun and rewarding type of photography. It takes patience and often long periods of quiet before the perfect wildlife photo is taken. Animals do not come out on cue, but when they do, they can be some of the most rewarding photographs you will take.
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