Soap Making

Make your own soap

Of the many arts and crafts you can choose from, soap making is one of the hobbies, like candle making, that lets you to create beautiful items that have practical uses. You can throw pottery and create vases to hold flowers or make beautiful candles to provide light and fragrance, or you can spend your time making soap—something each one of us uses every day!

Soap making is one of the oldest arts and crafts around today. People used to spend some of their time making soap because you couldn't just go to a store and buy it; everyone made their own. Each family had its own soap making recipe and cooked things like lard and lye to make their own soap. Today, home soap making is still done basically the same way, with lye and fat. But some people enjoy glycerin soap making, which is much easier and safer than dealing with lye.

Get Started Making Soap

The first step in making your own soap is to find a good soap making recipe. To make soap, you have to follow the recipe exactly to ensure that your creation turns out correctly. If you plan on making soap the traditional way, with lye, you'll need a soap making recipe with detailed instructions, as well as safety instructions. Lye is a very dangerous substance, so you must use great care when working with it. If your soap making recipe is at all vague or doesn't stress your safety, you should find another.

Try Kits

Soap making kits are a good choice for a beginner because they contain all of the soap making supplies you need, including the soap making recipe and very detailed, step-by-step instructions. Soap making kits are designed for beginners, so the instructions assume that you're new to soap making and might not already be aware of all the steps and the safety precautions you'll need to take.

Glycerin Soap Making

Glycerin is great for soap making beginners, especially those who might feel intimidated by the idea of working with lye. Glycerin soap making is called melt-and-pour soap making because you simply melt the glycerin and pour it into molds. Kits for making soap with glycerin won't contain lye, so these kits are safer to use. And glycerin can be melted in your microwave! Glycerin soap making kits come with a soap making recipe and everything you need to have lots of fun making soap.

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