Soap Making Supplies

Start soap making with the right supplies

Quality soap making supplies are important if you want to make your own soap. As with most arts and crafts, the quality of your supplies directly affects the quality of your finished product. You need the right supplies for candle making and good oils to make beautiful paintings, so plan on buying the best soap making supplies you can find. Then, your soap will turn out well enough to give as gifts or even sell.

Wholesale Soap Making Supplies

You might want to start out by buying your soap making supplies in a kit. That way, you'll get all of the supplies you need to get started, as well as a soap making recipe and good instructions to follow. Kits are great for beginners because if you're new to soap making, you might not even realize which soap making supplies you need.

But once you've made your first soap, you'll probably be hooked and will want to make even more. Wholesale soap making supplies are great because you can get good quantities of all the soap making supplies you need and save money. Kits are more expensive because everything's gathered for you. Once you know exactly which supplies you need, finding wholesale soap making supplies is probably the way to go.

Often, you'll find soap and candle making supplies sold from the same shop or online store. Most stores that specialize in soap and candle making supplies will carry the best quality supplies and the widest variety. Most will also offer wholesale soap making supplies for the serious hobbyist, too.

Glycerin or Regular Soap?

If you're just getting started with soap making, you'll need to choose between traditional soap and glycerin soap. Glycerin soap making supplies are safer than the lye you need for traditional soap. You simply melt the glycerin and pour it into molds. When making soap the traditional way, you have to cook lye and fat together, which requires good ventilation and many safety precautions.

You still have to be careful when melting glycerin, but glycerin soap making supplies are far less dangerous than traditional supplies, so you have more peace of mind. Glycerin soap making supplies are definitely the better choice for doing arts and crafts with kids. Lye requires many safety precautions, while glycerin can be melted right in your microwave. Glycerin soap is more expensive to make, though, so look for wholesale soap making supplies to save you money.

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