Woodworking Tools

The right tools for woodworking

When you're ready to get started making furniture and other great wood items, you'll need to purchase some woodworking tools. All hobbies have their own requirements. Just like painting requires canvas and oils and candle making requires wax and wicks, certain woodworking plans requires certain tools of the trade.

Essential Woodworking Tools

Below are the tools you'll need to start woodworking. You might have the first several woodworking hand tools on this list already.

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Chisel
  • Level
  • Square
  • Bevel

Not everyone has a square or sliding bevels around the house, but they're essential woodworking hand tools and don't represent much of a financial investment. You'll also want some basic woodworking power tools like a circular saw and a power drill.

More Advanced Woodworking Tools

While the basic tools listed above are enough to complete many great projects, you'll probably want to move on to more advanced projects very quickly. Some woodworking tools you might want to invest in are a jigsaw, a sander and a router.

A jigsaw lets you cut curves and designs into wood. You can move beyond making square shelves and bookcases to those with adornments, embellishments or curved shapes instead of the standard square. An orbital sander, particular a random orbital sander, is one of the woodworking tools that most experienced hobbyists wouldn't want to do without. You don't need it in the beginning, but once you get into your hobby, you'll want one for the smooth finish it puts on your pieces. Routers are woodworking power tools that let you give your pieces that detailed and professional carved look.

Once you decide that this is a lifelong hobby, you'll want to invest in one of the woodworking power tools every serious craftsman wants – a table saw. This is an expensive tool, but one that pays for itself many times over through the years.

Your Woodworking Budget

Look for well-respected brands, like Delta woodworking tools. If your budget doesn't allow for any Delta woodworking tools or other top-quality items, don't choose a cheap tool and end up with an inferior product. Used woodworking tools are a great choice. You can find used woodworking tools online in special classifieds for hobbyists. Try forums at woodworking sites or online auctions. Don't scrimp on your woodworking tools, and you'll enjoy your hobby more.

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