Antiques Collecting

Tips for antique collectors

Have you ever wondered what that junk in the corner was worth? Many people unthinkingly throw away potential treasures, thinking them old and useless. Just because something may not look valuable does not mean that it is not worth something. With a bit of knowledge and a little polishing up, you can find all sorts of hidden gems.

Antique Furniture

Furniture can be worth more than any other antiques and collectibles. It is hard to find furniture that is still in good usable condition. That is why quality antique furniture is so valuable. Living room, bathroom and bedroom antique furniture is in high demand. Damaged furniture can usually be restored, which will make it more desirable. Just make sure to use caution when having furniture redone, as a bad repair can hurt its value rather than helping.

Antique Collectibles

Remember going to Grandma's and looking at all her knick knacks that she had spread around? Well, that stuff could be worth a bunch of money. An item such as an antique book can be worth thousands of dollars. The older the book the more valuable it is. Look for first editions. Books produced in limited quantities are also more valuable.

Any kind of old kitchen equipment, such as cooking utensils, pans and working appliances can be worth money. The better condition these items are in the more money they are worth. Antique china is another popular item. Collectors are always on the lookout to add to a set, so discontinued china patterns can be particularly valuable.

Another favorite collectible is antique jewelry. This is not limited to fine jewelry, gold or gemstones, although these are certainly beautiful and often worth a fortune. Less wealthy collectors can still enjoy building a collection of antique costume jewelry. These pieces often make a more interesting and unique collection, as well.

Buying Antiques

Antiques are virtually everywhere, from furniture and collectibles to even antique cars. Check local papers and phone books for antique stores in the area. Browse flea markets and garages sales. Auctions are a great place to buy antiques, as often the pieces have already been appraised. Try online auctions, as well. Online auctions offer a large variety of collectibles. Buying items at auctions and reselling them for a profit can be a great way to make money, if you know what you're doing.

Before purchasing something that you think may be an antique, do some research. Make sure that the item is really worth the purchase price. It is very easy to waste money on items that are not worth anything. Take your time and get pieces that are authentic antiques. Remember, of course, that if you really love an item, it need not be valuable to be worth owning. Just be sure not to pay too much for it.

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