Antique Auctions

Advice about bidding on antiques

Antique auctions can help the avid antique collector find items that they have been seeking for ages to complete their collections, from cars to books to pieces of furniture.

Antique Furniture Auctions

Shopping at antique furniture auctions is a hobby for some, who like to collect and finish the furniture that they find. For others, they are looking for sentimental items from their childhood or their parents' time. Still others want to invest in valuable items at a good price.

Antique furniture auctions allow pieces to be purchased from across the country and in some cases even across the ocean. The prices at these auctions range widely, depending the on the quality and the rarity of the piece of antique furniture.

Antique Auction Tips

Antique auctions are full of historical treasures. To be successful on your next trip to the antique auction, use these tips throughout your shopping trip:

  • Always examine the item in detail and read any information that accompanies the item prior to the auction. This way, you can determine the state of the item and any damages that may have occurred throughout its lifetime.
  • When shopping at an antique auction, know how much that you are willing to spend. For example, if you attend an auction and purchase an item for double the price that the item may have cost at an estate sale or online auction, then the antique auction has not been a success.
  • Know the value of the items that you are seeking. Aspects such as the year an item was created, or the model and type of item, go a long way in assisting to assess the value. If you know the values for specific models, this can assist in buying a steal of a deal at bargain basement prices, or prevent you getting taken advantage of.

For beginners and antique hobbyists, any antiques auction can be fun. If you are a serious collector, however, keep an eye out for specialized auctions. For example, antique book auctions gather together all sorts of old and rare books. An antique book collector might prefer this type of auction, rather than hoping for a good antique book to show up at a general auction.

Online Antique Auctions

Another option for the antique collector is to shop online. Whether you are seeking antique furniture auctions, antique book auctions, or even antique car auctions, hundreds of items are ready to be discovered at online antique auctions.

There are many benefits to online antique auctions, including the fact that shoppers are given access to items all over the world and exposure to many cultures different than our own, in areas we may not be able to travel to. Furthermore, when shopping for antiques through online auctions, price comparisons and other research are easy to do before placing a bid.

Whatever type of auction you choose to shop for antiques, good luck and happy collecting!

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