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One of the most noble of hobbies is the collecting of antique books. The antique book collector indulges in spending his day searching for, locating and purchasing his prized antique books. The quest does not end once books are acquired, however. No, the antique book collector must also make sure to care appropriately for his collection by organizing it and cataloging it in a logical and systematic manner. Books must also be stored in acid-free storage areas to prevent deterioration, and stacked or displayed in such a manner as to prohibit damage to spine or pages. Antique book collectors may have interests that span a great number of genres, including rare antique books, antique children's books, antique medical books, antique classic books or even antique Bibles.

Antique Children's Books

The bibliophile (fancy name for book lover) may find particular pleasure in collecting antique children's books. By collecting antique children's books, one is able to reach back in time and touch the child they used to be (and still may be at the core). Beautiful illustrations and familiar stories are wonderful reasons to collect antique children's books.

The condition of antique children's books may vary depending on how old they are and how they were cared for. When purchasing, look for strong spines, intact pages and a minimum amount of yellowing.

Rare Antique Books

Once you have really started your antique book collection, you may run across the prized rare antique book. This sort of book is usually high in price due to its uniqueness and limited market availability. A rare antique book is a great option as a gift for any avid book collector, as its value is as precious as a piece of modern or antique jewelry, if not more so. Books carry memories and provide a more intrinsic value than any pretty piece of jewelry: books can be read and enjoyed for the stories they contain.

You may find that when you are beginning your antique book collection that the only way to afford adding a rare antique book collection is to take a step back on the condition of the book. If you choose a book that is not in the best quality, you may be able to acquire a rare antique book for a reasonably affordable price.

Collecting Antique Books

If you are looking to start a new hobby, you should consider collecting antique books. Not only is it a pleasurable hobby, but the value of your antique book collection will only increase in time. These items make valuable family heirlooms that may be prized for generations.

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