Antique Cars

Reasons to love classic cars

While the legal definition of an antique car in the United States encompasses absolutely any car over 25 years of age, you probably do not call to mind your rusty 1983 Ford pickup truck when you think of antique cars. People usually think of classic cars when they think of antique cars.

Classic Antique Cars

While the terms antique car and classic car are used interchangeably by many, a classic antique car is defined as having a distinct high quality. Many only consider classic antique cars to be vehicles that predate World War II.

The reason for the specialness of these aged vehicles is that 25 years is actually twice the expected lifetime of modern cars (and was even more than double the expected lifetime of cars from times past). This means that if you have a classic antique car, it is probably too costly to maintain to use as a regular means of transportation. However, that does not mean they are not coveted for ownership. The restoration and collecting of antique cars is a popular hobby enjoyed by people all over the world.

Buying Antique Cars

As with the stock market, the market value of antique cars varies greatly over time. However, just as with the money markets, many investors consider buying antique cars to be not only a profitable, but also an enjoyable form of investment.

Many people lose sight of the beauty and joy of restoring a classic car when they become focused on the potential future profit of the vehicle. Sometimes they make the mistake of choosing vehicles and laboring over them when they have absolutely no enjoyment in the process. Investors should keep in mind that although there have been periods where antique cars saw sharp rises in value (such as the 1980s), there have also been times when they saw rock bottom prices (such as the 1990s).

While there are many profits to be made in buying antique cars for restoration and resale, the monetary profit is never a sure thing. What is a sure thing, however, is that if you choose a type of car you love, such as antique sports cars, and take your time and enjoy the restoration project, then your investment in buying an antique car will not have been in vain. You will surely have gained something out of the bargain: happiness.

Antique Toy Cars

If you have searched the ads for antique cars for sale and have found nothing in your price range, you may be interested in buying model cars or antique toy cars. Collecting antique toy cars has become a very popular hobby. You can look for them in specialty shops, in the classified ads of your local newspaper or online. Just as with their full-sized counterparts, if the market is favorable, you can even enjoy a financial return on your investment … but the primary reason to buy antique toy cars is always for love.

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