Coin Collecting

Tips for coin collectors

Coin collecting is an excellent hobby that could last your entire life. The diversity of coins is incredible, ranging from the first hand-minted coins to modern, high-tech commemorative sets. Prices can range from face value to many, many times that, and some coins become infinitely valuable over time. You can start building your coin collection by checking the change in your pockets, buying other people's collections or buying collectable coins individually or in lots from auctions, coin dealers and other suppliers.

Coin Collecting Supplies

If you collect rare coins, such as gold coins and silver coins, you will need coin collecting supplies. Coin collecting involves a great deal of care and maintenance for your valuable collection. Coin collecting values often depend on the condition of the coin, so it is essential to take good care of your collection. The Internet can be a great source of coin collecting supplies, such as coin holders and coin tubes. These tubes or holders are typically stored in archival-quality boxes. You should use archival-quality boxes to prevent acid and other oxidizing agents from your hands, or from cheap paper or cardboard, from degrading the condition of your valuable collection over time.

Do not assume that just because coins are made of metal they are impervious to assaults on their condition by the environment. Coin albums and folders are effective and attractive ways to store coins. If you have collected a set of coins, albums are particularly invaluable, as they protect the coins while allowing you to keep them safe and store them conveniently. Finally, coin collecting prices can vary widely, so you will want to make sure you have a reliable price guide.

Other Handy Items

You will most likely want to be able to inspect your rare coins carefully. Loupes and magnifiers are an essential item for coin collectors. If you wish to look closely at your coins, your naked eye will be inadequate. You will need a loupe, a piece of specialized magnifying equipment designed for jewelers and watchmakers.

You will need a 10x loupe for coin collecting. Ideally, choose a loupe with a black housing around the glass so you can see the details of the coin or paper money more clearly, and thereby gauge the value more accurately.

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