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Mattel Barbie dolls have been some of the most prominent dolls in the marketplace, and for a long time. Let's be honest: Barbie is old. Barbie has been around for generations, giving girls great dolls to play with. With the best clothes, the great car, and, of course, the dream dollhouse, Barbie provided many a young girl with hours of fun, not to mention something to aspire to. As adults, many women attempt to recapture this icon of their youth in Barbie doll collections.

Barbie Collector Dolls

One of the major allures of the Barbie doll is simply the fact that there are so many different kinds of Barbie dolls to collect. Vintage Barbie dolls and old Barbie dolls are favorite collectibles, especially for those who remember playing with them when they were young.

There are such things as Barbie collector dolls, however. These dolls are sold specifically to be collector's items. Some of them come in nicer boxes, but all of them come with the distinction of being a special collector's item. These Barbie dolls are harder to find and can be harder to actually purchase because they come in limited editions. With a little luck, however, you can find them when they are actually on the shelves of stores.

Fashioning Your Barbie Doll Collection

If you are going to collect Barbie dolls, what should make it into your collection? There are many different types of Barbie dolls to collect. Your Barbie collection should include:

  • Limited edition Barbie dolls
  • Collector's item Barbie dolls
  • Vintage Barbie dolls
  • Rare Barbie dolls
  • Your childhood Barbie dolls

These are just some of the ways that you can mold your Barbie doll collection. It would be nearly impossible to collect every Barbie, so choosing a focus can help narrow your search. By having a theme for your Barbie doll collection, you can have a complete collection that is still manageable and interesting. Plus, collecting Barbie dolls will bring back all the memories of your youth.

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