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Doll making can be a great hobby; those who like to put things together and create beautiful crafts can find their niche in making dolls. Plus, doll making is incredibly simple. Cloth doll making simply requires some basic doll making supplies that can be ordered in a kit, much like the kits for making dollhouses or making dollhouse furniture.

If you are seriously considering making dolls as a hobby, there are going to be a few things to think about. Many people go into doll making without giving it a lot of thought; there are actually multiple questions and things to consider before you jump into doll making. Ask yourself these questions, and you can be sure you'll make the best doll possible.

What doll making materials do I need?

What kind of doll are you interested in making? Cloth dolls are very popular and easy to make at home. Porcelain dolls are lovely but require an investment in the porcelain face, which can be hand-painted by you or delivered with the features in place. Ethnic dolls, such as Indian dolls, Scottish dolls and Chinese dolls, will require specific materials and fabrics.

How big is the doll?

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the doll itself. Many people fail to think about the size of the doll, and take a "one general size" approach. Consider who you are making the doll for. If the doll is for a younger child, you may want to make a smaller doll that'll be easy for him or her to handle. Or, you may want to make a doll that is big enough to fit into the child's old clothes.

What does the doll look like?

The end result is something that needs to be planned out carefully before you jump into actually purchasing the materials for doll making. If you fail to fully plan the looks of the doll, you may become stuck halfway through the process; you may want to add something but not have the space or the materials to do so.

You will also want to add personal touches to make the doll more special. Think about who you are making it for, and add features that you know will appeal to that person.

A doll can be anything you want it to be – the choice is yours.  

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