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If you are looking at collecting model airplanes, and making model planes one of your newest hobbies, you may feel a little lost starting out. Trying to pick out which model airplanes to collect or make can be difficult!

Before you begin, you must consider some of the following; do you want to focus on RC model airplanes, or are you going to look for types of diecast model airplanes? Would you prefer to collect or assemble World War II airplanes, gliders, commercial aircraft or perhaps scale models of vintage airplanes? These are just some of the questions you'll need to answer when looking for the right model airplanes for your collection.

Scale Model Airplanes

There are different kinds of model airplanes available, with nearly every type of airplane having its smaller, or scale model, counterpart. The most common scale model sizes are 1:72 and 1:48. These scales can give you the right level of detail to see the aircraft as it would look in real life. Some manufacturers make different scales, which depends on how they make their molds; from injection molded polystyrene to carbon steel, the degree of precision in the molds can differ.

Model Materials

After you have chosen the type of model airplane that you want to start collecting, you should begin to look at the details, such as the materials used. What is the model made of? How well made is the model airplane? If it is an RC model airplane, is the system legitimate and working? How much does the model airplane cost?

Model aircraft can be made of carbon, plastic, balsa wood, fabric or resin. Depending on what you want, you'll have to consider how you'll store and display your models. For obvious reasons, fabric and balsa can be delicate and more difficult to care for.

Model Aircraft Prices

Price comparison is important to make sure that you are staying within your budget. This is an especially important aspect for those who are serious about collecting model airplanes. Remote control airplanes will cost more because of the automation required, while plastic models will cost far less. Collecting vintage war airplanes, especially in wood materials, can become expensive because of the degree of detail and hand crafting required.

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