Model Boats

Set sail with a collection of model ships

Model boats have become one of the more popular hobbies as far as collecting is concerned. While model boats have always been popular, the newest and more modern types of models have reinvigorated the entire market, and many collectors form hobby groups to compare, trade or race their RC models. Some of the newest types of model boats have become some of the best collectibles available.

Types of Model Boats

There are multiple kinds of model boats available, so choosing which you want to start collecting might be tough. Model wooden boats are very popular collectors' items, and are often scale representations of real sailing ships or classic power boats. These model wooden boats are the most difficult to make and often the most expensive to collect.

Plastic models are more durable and easier to assemble, but lack a little of their wooden counterparts' charm. Whether you want to revisit the time of tall ships and display your ships in a glass case or build and paint your own models for pleasure, elaborate historic models are very popular.

Model boats have become electric! If you want to re-enact an ocean battle with a model warship, or if you want to race your boats, there are hundreds of RC model boats to choose from. This allows boating enthusiasts to put their models on the water and control them from shore. Speedboats are often the favorite type of RC model boat, but remote control model sail boats are also available. In many towns and cities, enthusiasts gather to race their collections. All that's needed is calm water and a little competitive spirit.

If you are looking for model boats to race, you want to look for model boat that can actually be in the water. If not, you may damage your model boat. If you are not planning on using the boat, however, this will not matter.

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