Model Trains

Build a miniature railroad

While the fascination with trains may be different for every person, a general love of trains can be expanded with model trains. Collecting model trains can be a great pastime, as there are a lot of different options. While some look for scale model trains, others are simply looking for a train that they can have on display or on their very own miniature railroad.

If you are looking into collecting model trains, you should know that there are several types of trains to collect. G scale, or Garden 1:24 scale, trains are most popular for backyard modeling, as they are larger and more lifelike models. Atlas model trains and Lionel model trains are two of the major model manufacturers and often the favorite companies of model train enthusiasts.

Make a Railroad

One of the most fun ways that you can use model trains is to actually build an entire railroad. A lot of people will take their model trains and put them on a system of train tracks that winds through a miniature environment that include train stations, countryside, shipping yards and towns. These model trains can be great for those who have an entire room dedicated to their model train. Both kids and adults love to see a full, working model train, and hours can be spent arranging and rearranging the tracks and accessories that make up a working railroad.

Some collectors do not wish to see their trains move on tracks in miniature landscapes, but simply want to play with the trains in a scene that appears to be a full railroad. If this is the case, you can collect model trains simply for display. There are multiple types of cases available that can help to protect your model trains and showcase them at the same time. A lot of people forget that protection is important for these models like sailboats and cars, but leaving them out can expose them to damage from dust, sunlight and handling or over-use.

Model trains can be one of the greatest models to collect, and often hearken back to childhood, which is why many adults collect them to this day. Model trains can be a great way to bond with your children or grandchildren; they manage to bring everyone together, making it easy for you to justify having such a large collection! Whether they are moving or stationary, collecting and building your collection of model trains is one of the best hobbies available.

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