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We've all heard about people who are deeply immersed in the world of collecting antiques, stamps or maybe even Elvis memorabilia. But what about those of us whose passion is collecting items that fall a little further from the beaten path? If you fall into this group, there's no reason to be secretive about your pastime. Just because coins or sports cards aren't your thing doesn't mean you can't be loud and proud about your collecting habits.

Collectibles Online

Perhaps you're an adult who never gave up his or her love for collecting action figures. Or, maybe your true love is dollhouse miniatures or other figurines. Whatever you collect, there are almost certainly hundreds (if not thousands) of other individuals out there who share your passion. Thankfully, we live in a time when the Internet has made connecting with your collecting peers easier than ever. Not only can you purchase unusual collectibles on sites like eBay.com, but you can also find blogs, discussion forums and even live chat rooms dedicated to talking about the very items that you collect. Whereas in the days before the Internet, you might have had to travel hundreds of miles to a convention to interact with others who shared your passion (if it was possible at all), today you can do it almost instantaneously. You can forge lifelong friendships with collectors halfway across the world.

Go ahead – try it. It may be hard to believe, but there are websites for people who collect everything from soda cans to corkscrews to lunchboxes to air sickness bags from commercial airplanes. Even if there isn't a bustling web community of collectors who are into the same thing as you (let's be honest, the Internet is vast but it doesn't have a website for everything), that doesn't mean that you can't be the first to establish a web presence for your collectible of choice. Chances are that there are other collectors out there who would greatly appreciate the chance to correspond with you about your shared passion.

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