Learn to play chess

Chess is a classic game and also one of the most challenging hobbies. It requires skill, memory, concentration and much more. It is a game between two players and is played on the casual and professional level.

The requirements to get started in this fun hobby include only chess pieces, a chess board and someone to play games against. There is so much variety in chess sets that you're certain to find one that suits your tastes, but your decision should also include consideration of material quality. You'll want your set to stand up to time, so it's important to have one of decent value.

Learning Chess Rules

The game of chess is played between two players, one of whom plays the white pieces, the other black. Chess rules are fairly easy to learn. Play begins with White making the first move, ensuring that the piece is moved along a legal path. These paths differ from piece to piece, with pawns being allowed to only move forward in their own column. Rooks and bishops are able to move along in four directions; rooks up, down, left and right, and bishops along the four diagonals. Knights are special in that they move two squares up, down, left or right, followed by one square in a perpendicular direction. Finally, the king and queen are capable of moving in all directions, with the king limited to one step and the queen allowed to move any number of steps. There are more specialized rules for the game of chess, so it is best to purchase a book on the rules.

Playing Chess

Knowing the rules of chess is the first step for this hobby. The next is to start playing. Finding chess games is not difficult – the game is a hobby for so many that it's likely there are a number of chess groups around. The best way to find these games is to ask at game stores, toy stores and comic book stores, as the employees are likely to know where they are played.

Online community listings, such as Craigslist, can also list potential play opportunities. If that should not pan out, or if you want to play outside of meeting times, then the best bet is to play chess online. There are a large number of chess computer games to help you get started in you new hobby of chess. So find a book, find a game and have fun!

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