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If you own a computer, you've undoubtedly played at least a few computer games (even if you're not really a "gamer" whose hobbies are pretty much limited to computer games and video games). Hasn't everyone who's owned a computer at least tried solitaire a few times or purchased a few discount video games to give them a try?

If you've already started playing computer games, maybe you don't realize the wide variety of games available to you. Board games are still popular and will always be popular, of course, but computer games can make some favorites easier to play and even more fun.

Card and Board Computer Games

You may never have thought that some of the card games you enjoy would make great video games, but they do. A large chunk of discount computer games available today contain some of the most popular card and board games. In fact, solitaire, many poker games, bridge, gin rummy and cribbage games are hugely popular computer games. There's no need to shuffle the cards (and you can't lose one card and make the whole deck useless!) and dealing is instant, making game play faster and more fun.

Board computer games set up even the most complicated game boards instantly, without worry about missing pieces. In dice computer games, your die can't roll under the refrigerator, and you can turn down the volume if the rattling annoys you.

And how often have you wanted to play a game but had no one to play with? Computer games eliminate this common problem by letting you play cards or other games against the computer. Even games that require more than two players are easily played as video games, where the computer becomes all the other players. And don't forget casino computer games, where you can play the slots or bet it all on your hand against a computer dealer!

New Video Games

While playing classic computer games like solitaire can be fun, some of the new video games released over the last several years offer a much richer gaming experience. If you're looking to buy video games, today's most popular types are:

  • Classic arcade video games. These used to cost a quarter, now play them as long as you want.
  • Role-playing games. You're inside the story in these sprawling adventure video games.
  • Simulation. Create your own characters or your own theme parks. Build entire towns in these hugely popular computer games!
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