Other Games

From parlor games to video games

If you're looking for some other fun games that don't include bingo, chess or bowling, there are plenty of others to consider.

Video Games

Video games were first created in the 70s and have been growing steadily ever since. Not only can you play them on dedicated video game consoles like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii, many of the same games are available for computers as well. The latest generation of video games boasts state-of-the-art graphics and sound, becoming more and more like interactive movies. Whether you prefer action and adventure, sports or puzzles there are games out there that can scratch the itch.

With new technologies, video games are becoming more active and social. Playing co-operative video games online allows you to spend time with friends that may live far away from you. The Wii console also incorporates a motion-sensitive controller that resembles a remote control for your TV set. Unlike a regular video game controller, you achieve the desired result of the character on the screen by swinging the controller like a tennis racket or a golf club. With games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, you need to dance or play a musical instrument such as the drums or guitar; you can get a bit of exercise in while having fun playing games!

If you prefer to play computer games, you don't have to be stuck with just playing solitaire or minesweeper these days. Most of the best-selling console video games eventually find their way to the computer. Mac and PC systems are not created equal, however; if you're a Mac owner you can expect fewer titles to choose from or release dates that are often well past those of other systems.

Casino Games

Casino games seem to be enjoying a surge of popularity today as well; but don't worry if you don't live close to a casino – there are plenty of sites online where you can play. While blackjack, poker and slots tend to be among the most popular games at the casino, other games with respectable numbers include roulette, backgammon and craps. Playing online for free is a great way to get practice and learn how to play the games for the next time you make it out to the casino.

If you enjoy playing games or are looking to into some new hobbies, you may wish to investigate these other games further.

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