Jigsaw Puzzles

Put the pieces together with a jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a very traditional toy and gift for recipients of all ages, and putting together puzzles is an extremely popular hobby among people of all ages as well. Simply put, a jigsaw puzzle is an image or solid panel that has been split into a number of interlocking pieces that are separated with the primary focus of putting them back together. The task for the jigsaw builder, then, is to assemble the pieces to achieve the original picture or panel design.

Different Kinds of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles come in a wide variety of different sizes, styles and piece counts. There are a number of different economical choices to choose from when one wants to buy jigsaw puzzles from commercial outlets. Most modern jigsaw puzzles are made from die-cut cardboard stock that has the image printed upon its face. Images printed onto the faces of jigsaw puzzles can include anything from floral scenes, animals, and cartoon characters to reprints of famous artwork and much more.

Higher-quality jigsaw puzzles are more commonly made out of wood. These are cut with a jigsaw (hence the given moniker). These sets will command a higher price as they are made with much more care and are of a higher quality. Some of these sets are not a complete panel but a number of pieces that are made to fit within a frame. If you are both a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast and a woodworking hobbyist, you can combine these two pastimes by creating your own artisan-quality puzzles.

Online Jigsaw Options

Nowadays, in our computerized society, you can get software for jigsaw puzzle computer games. There are also a number of free jigsaw puzzles that are available online to be solved. These free online jigsaw puzzles have a number of benefits. The biggest advantage is that you can customize the difficulty level, as the software can cut the puzzle up in a variable number of ways, providing a large variety in the number of pieces and how they interlock. Online puzzles can also provide hints to help you along, as well as electronic means of keeping track of the puzzle and not risking losing your pieces.

Online jigsaw puzzles make for good daily jigsaw puzzles, as it takes little to change the artwork while leaving the programming mechanics behind the code intact. This enables the program to be simple and robust regardless of the artwork that is chosen for the puzzle, allowing different software programs and web applications to feature the same puzzle software with unique puzzle imagery.

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