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The unique benefit of Sudoku puzzles is the fact that you can play Sudoku anywhere because there are so many different ways to enjoy it. Just like crossword puzzles, Sudoku is one of the most popular games (and hobbies) today because you can play an endless variety of Sudoku games without running into the same puzzle twice. Unlike card games, you can also play Sudoku games anywhere, including in your home, on your computer, outside or even while taking a bus or flying in an airplane.

Sudoku Games

Sudoku puzzles challenge you to fit numbers into squares within a grid. Each 3x3 square can support the numbers 1 through 9, but each number can only appear once. There are 9 sets of 3x3 squares, and each row of 9 can support the numbers 1 through 9 (and each column the same). When more numbers are given at the start of the Sudoku puzzle, the puzzle is easier to figure out by filling in the rest of the numbers. When less numbers are given from the start, the Sudoku puzzles are much more challenging and provide a great deal of fun for the player.

There are plenty of free online resources for people wanting to learn the game of Sudoku, and you can also play online. If you're not into the computer, numerous books dedicated to Sudoku puzzles are available in bookstores, and you can find books filled with the games at newspaper stands and convenience stores, as well as in bookstores.

Online Sudoku

Online Sudoku is a popular way to enjoy Sudoku puzzles. Playing free Sudoku online is not difficult at all because there are a variety of different resources for Sudoku games that allow you to get started right away. Some online Sudoku games are flash games that make playing Sudoku even more enjoyable. There are also a number of resources that allow you to find Sudoku puzzles that you can print out. Some of these are daily Sudoku puzzles, which means you can print out a new puzzle every day and never run into the same puzzle twice!

Daily Sudoku

Daily Sudoku puzzles have become a popular hobby because you never have to redo the same puzzle. They are available in a variety of difficulty levels, so you should have no problems finding daily Sudoku puzzles from the beginner levels to what is known as "black belt Sudoku," or much more difficult puzzles. Again, the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle is determined by how many numbers you are given at the beginning of the game. More numbers makes for an easier puzzle to solve, while less numbers creates a much more challenging puzzle.

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