Start an astronomy hobby

Astronomy is a scientific discipline, but it is also an excellent hobby. When considering which hobbies to adopt, it is worth giving some serious consideration to astronomy. Pointing astronomy telescopes toward the sky can literally broaden your horizons and will offer you a greater understanding of the universe we live in.

A Hobby You Can Share

Astronomy is a hobby you can share with your friends and family. Unlike some hobbies, learning about the universe we live in can be fascinating for just about anyone. Not everyone will be interested in the minutiae, but you're sure to come across some astronomy news that others will find fascinating. And your kids will love trying to pick out the constellations.

For most people, an astronomy hobby starts with buying a telescope and a few astronomy books and gazing at the stars and planets. This is a good place to start, and it may be as far as you go. It still gives you the opportunity to think about profound questions such as the nature of the universe and our own small place in it.

Expanding Your Astronomy Hobby

Some hobbyist astronomers become more deeply involved in the hobby of astronomy. You can expand your astronomy hobby beyond the normal viewing of the constellations and an occasional comet or two. For example, the advanced hobbyist may pursue the viewing of eclipses. Equipment-wise, eclipse lovers can use regular digital telescopes, but these need to be fitted with glare and light filters to let them view the eclipse without injuring their eyes.

Advanced astronomy may also lead you to looking for planetary alignments. They are rare occurrences and require a higher-powered telescope than that used for normal astronomy. The advanced astronomer would probably spend time charting the movements of the planets and calculating their projected paths.

Radio astronomy can also be a fascinating addition to the hobby of astronomy. Radio astronomy involves the detection of radio waves, and you can focus on inanimate objects like the unique radio signatures of quasars, or even take part in SETI – the search for extraterrestrial intelligence!

Astronomy can complement other hobbies, too. Check out the stars from your RV or campsite, incorporate space themes into your model building or collect astronomy memorabilia.

The fascinating hobby of astronomy is interesting and educational. Great for children and adults alike, this is one hobby that is truly "universal."

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