Feed your hunger for new Hollywood film

Movies have ranked highly among America's favorite pastimes for well over a century, and the Internet has made it even easier for lovers of the silver screen to get their fix. At a movies site, you can download or enjoy streaming video of licensed films with the click of a mouse – no more trips to the video store!

Use the Internet to Enjoy New Hollywood Film

As with online poker games, there are lots of options for users who want to watch movies and TV shows online.

Websites that offer free streaming video generally license their content from the distributions rights holders, and then recoup that investment through on-site advertising. There are many sites that use this model to offer new films and TV shows to users, including Graboid, Watch Movies, Surf the Channel, Hulu, iReel, MovieLab, Movie25 and more.

You'll need to spend some time browsing the various options to find the site that you like best. Generally speaking, users rate the quality of movies sites across six key categories:

  • Design. The layout of the website has a lot to do with its usability and the quality of your experience. Look for simple, streamlined site designs that don't distract the eye or clutter the screen.
  • Link quality. While it is usually necessary for these sites to participate in affiliate linking programs to generate revenue, you should look for sites that also offer useful outbound links to informational sites.
  • Picture and sound quality. As most users prefer to watch movies and television shows in full-screen format, you'll need to find a site that offers the requisite picture and sound quality to create a worthwhile experience.
  • Choice. The more choice a site offers, the better your user experience will be.
  • Community features. Many users enjoy connecting with other like-minded people. Sites that have a strong community aspect make it easier to find others who share your interests.
  • Updates. How quickly are new Hollywood films added to the database, and how regularly is the site updated? If you missed your favorite TV show, you don't want to have to wait more than a week to fill in the missed installment.

Enjoy Free Movies Legally

To avoid violating copyright laws, it's essential that you avoid illegally downloading movies on peer-to-peer file sharing sites. Instead, enjoy free content legally by choosing a provider that has paid the rights holders for the ability to digitally distribute the content. You can learn more by contacting the site's webmaster or reading the legal information that should be provided.

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