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Do you have a passion for drums? Maybe you have appreciated the rhythmic beat of drumming your entire life but have only recently begun to consider learning how to play the drums. The obvious first step is purchasing the perfect drum set for your purposes. The most popular drums are those used in rock, jazz and other upbeat music, but electronic drums are equally as fascinating and fun to play. For the purpose of this article, we will refer to the typical rock-style drum sets.

Which brand is best for you?

Among the top brands in the drumming world are Pearl, DW, Ludwig and Tama. Which is the best is a matter of personal opinion as serious drummers could probably debate the topic all day and still walk away with their personal preference intact.

  • Pearl Drums. Pearl has been around since 1946, giving them over seven decades of experience creating quality drum sets for musicians and bands all over the world.
  • DW Drums. DW prides itself on innovation. This is a company that is always evolving and the products just get better and better.
  • Ludwig Drums. While the company was established in 1910, it was Ringo Starr who made Ludwig popular.
  • Tama drums. Used by such bands as ZZ Top and Good Charlotte, Tama has earned its popularity for quality sound.

Breaking in the Drums

Typists do not learn to type without first knowing how to place their hands and fingers. Guitar players must know how to fret and strum. *Piano[/music/piano/] players learn that their right thumb sits on middle C – and so it is with drumming. Drummers learn how and where to position their fingers and hands on the sticks and how much pressure to apply when tapping and pounding. The most established drummers can tell you that grip and form, although the most boring aspects of drumming, are essential for making the sounds that drive an audience wild.

If formal education is not to your liking, online tutorials illustrate proper positioning and grip. These tutorials are available as photo illustrations, text and video.

When it comes to rhythm, timing is everything. Anyone with a good sense of rhythm can learn to play the drums. Great drumming comes with experience. Consistent practice is essential, and part of that practice is in listening to the drumbeats in your favorite music and counting as you play along. Above all, the most important aspect of learning to play the drums well is a passion for the instrument – the fun factor is essential for creating great sound.

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