Electronic Drums

Tips for new electronic drummers

Electronic drums have many advantages over their more common, traditional counterparts. While they're not indestructible by any means, the components that make up an electronic drum kit are far sturdier than normal drum kits are, and they're not as vulnerable to permanent damage. Furthermore, electronic drums can be taken apart and reassembled more quickly, which makes them easier to transport to gigs and practices.

Electronic Drums 101

With electronic drums you can produce a variety of sounds and replicate numerous instruments from just a single electronic drum pad – put together a whole set of electronic drums and you can have your very own orchestra right in front of you. Many popular bands have consisted of nothing but an electronic music keyboard and a drum machine. Worried about waking the neighbors? Just plug in a pair of headphones and play as hard as you want; nobody will ever know. You won't even have to be concerned about cracking a cymbal or wearing out a drum head – electronic drum kits require little to no maintenance whatsoever.

Finding the Best Brands

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks to electronic drums and drum kits is the price when compared to traditional drum kits. It doesn't matter whether you are looking at Roland electronic drums, Yamaha electronic drums or Simmons electronic drums; chances are you'll have to tap into your bank account for the best brands.

Try some of these tips for keeping the price down when shopping for electronic drum kits:

  • Buy Used. Look for used electronic drums for sale in the newspaper, or on classified and auction websites on the Internet. By going this route, you might be able to save a couple hundred dollars from what you would have paid for brand new.
  • Buy on Sale. Keep an eye out at your local stores for sales and deals that they might be running; and you might even want to look at some sales flyers of stores from nearby cities, as well. Many times your local music store will be willing to match the price of a competitor, even if that competitor is located a hundred miles away.
  • Buy the Display. Try purchasing display models if at all possible. While these electronic drum kits may have a little bit of wear and tear, most of them have never been outside the store and they still work like new. Retailers have been known to give generous discounts on in-store display models.
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