Learn piano and tickle the ivories

There are few things more gratifying than learning to play an instrument, and the piano is a popular option for old and young alike. Learning to play the piano will stretch your brain, and with all of the new pieces of piano music to learn, you will never run out of challenges. Whether you choose to buy a full-sized grand piano, or you just want to choose from the many music keyboards, you and your family will be rewarded with the sweet sounds of music floating through your home.

Piano Playing 101

There are many ways to learn how to play the piano. The easiest is to pursue piano lessons. By having an instructor to check in with on a regular basis, you are more likely to stick with your new hobby. In addition, an instructor can recommend the best piano accessories and piano sheet music for your playing ability.

If you are not ready to take piano lessons with an instructor, there are various courses which you can take through the Internet to help you to learn the piano. These are good if you are extremely self-motivated and will have no problems with practicing everyday even if there is no one to remind you.

Piano Accessories

For the first-time piano player, the choices of piano accessories can be daunting. No matter what type of keyboard you have, you will need a piano bench. This bench should keep you at the right height for you to comfortably reach the keyboard and the foot petals if you have an acoustic piano. You will also need a lamp to help you to read your piano sheet music. The proper lighting without glare will help you to avoid mistakes while playing. You also might want to consider a cover to protect your piano from dust and children.

While playing the piano does require the investment of a keyboard, piano and lessons, it is a hobby which improves your mental capabilities and can keep you sharp. Studies have shown that those who play any musical instrument, including guitar, trumpet or clarinet, have better cognitive abilities than those who don't. Why not learn the piano as a new hobby? You will not regret the decision.

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