Piano Accessories

Books to benches, find piano accessories

Whether you are new to piano or a seasoned player, you will need certain accessories for your piano. Piano accessories allow you to get the most from your piano. There are a wide variety of accessories, but all fall under a few basic categories.

It's important to know a few basic pieces of information about all piano accessories. First, you will want to get high quality accessories that will last as long as your piano. This does not necessarily mean spending a ton, but always keep quality in mind. Second, in the case of wooden accessories, try to find them in the same finish as your piano for a cohesive look. On the other hand, a burnished oak stool may look out of place with an electronic music keyboard.

Piano Stools

Piano stools provide seating for the piano player. It is important to use a piano stool or bench instead of a normal chair because the piano player needs to sit at a specific height relative to the piano. The advantage of a stool over a bench is that most stools are adjustable in height. In general, a piano stool should be comfortable, sturdy, and look good with the piano.

Piano Benches

The shape of a piano bench fits the piano's dimensions and allows the player to shift position to better reach different ranges of the piano. It also has room to seat two players, for duets or lessons. Only the most expensive benches are adjustable in height, however. Many piano benches also have a storage compartment that allows convenient storage of music and other piano accessories.

Piano Books

As you learn to play piano with more skill, you will want to buy piano books with the music you love. Piano books are available in a variety of skill levels and music types, from the most basic drill books to more complicated classical music compilations. For the intermediate to advanced piano player, a variety of books in several different styles is an absolute must have. Piano music can also be downloaded or printed from the Internet.

Player Piano Supplies

Player pianos require their own unique list of accessories and supplies. They have bellows that need to be maintained and many small pieces and parts. Music rolls will also be necessary to take advantage of the player piano's capabilities. Most people have a piano professional maintain and tune their player piano.

Piano accessories will help you get a high level of value and use out of your piano. A high-quality accessory is also a beautiful addition to your home. Thanks to the Internet, high-quality piano accessories can be found at great prices from the convenience of your home.

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