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When you are learning to play the piano, one of the biggest decisions you can make is the choice of piano music. Depending upon your preferences, you might want to choose classical piano music or more popular songs. A trip to the music store will reveal shelves full of piano sheet music and piano music books. If you are taking piano lessons, ask your instructor which piece he would recommend for you to practice and play. Whichever type of music you choose, be sure that you continue to practice it on a daily basis until you are ready to perform for your friends and family or at a recital.

Piano Music Books

There are a variety of choices for piano music. When you visit a music store you will be faced with a choice between piano sheet music and piano music books. Piano music books are generally written for players of a specific level to help them to improve their skills. From beginner to advanced, you will be able to find a piano music book to suit your needs. Be careful to not get a book which is too difficult for you, since discouragement can set in and you might never learn the pieces. Find out which book your piano lesson teacher recommends for your skill level.

Piano Sheet Music

You will also see piano sheet music. These are individual songs for you to buy. Sometimes the skill level of the player is written on the music, but many times it is not. Take a careful look at the piano sheet music to see if there are chords that you have never encountered or that look too difficult. If there is a specific piece of music you want to play, you will likely find it with the piano sheet music rather than in the section of piano music books.

Some piano students practice on electronic music keyboards rather than pianos, due to space, budget or preference. Keep in mind that many electronic keyboards have fewer keys than a full-sized piano, so not all piano sheet music can be played on these keyboards.

If you are not certain about which music to choose, you will need to ask your instructor. You can also talk to an expert at a piano store to find out which pieces might be best for you depending upon the length of time you have been playing the piano.

Player Piano Music

If you have a player piano, you'll need a different kind of piano music altogether to fully enjoy its potential. Player piano music rolls are available in all styles of music, from classical to jazz to country. Simply pop in the roll, and the piano plays itself. Player pianos are largely out of fashion, and seem like merely an amusing novelty, but consider this: Many player piano rolls have been made from actual performances by famous pianists. Imagine having Liberace or Scott Joplin playing in your living room!

Whatever type of piano music you are looking for, the selection is endless. Many famous pieces are available in simplified forms for beginners to play. Many orchestral or rock pieces have been arranged to be played solo on piano. Just choose a song and start playing.

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