Crochet your way to a new hobby

Crochet was once a hobby that only grandmothers were known to enjoy, but this quick and fun craft is seeing a new surge in popularity. If you think that crochet and knitting are the same, you haven't experienced the ease of using a single needle with yarn to create everything from sweaters to stuffed animals. There are some very good reasons to learn to crochet!

Top Reasons to Start Crocheting

If you're looking for a new hobby, here are the top reasons to consider crochet:

  1. You can learn the first basic stitches in less than an hour.
  2. You can complete your first crochet pattern in a weekend.
  3. After your initial attempts, you can try more complicated crochet patterns to make hats, blankets and even sweaters.
  4. The materials are inexpensive and easy to find.
  5. Making unique, individualized gifts for every member of your family is easy.
  6. Crochet is an easy hobby to do while watching TV or a movie; once you get started, you hardly need to look at the stitches.
  7. There are beautiful new yarns to help give all your designs color, style and flair.

Beginner Crochet Tips

One of the biggest mistakes that beginning crocheters make is choosing a pattern that is too difficult for them. When you first start out, you want to use a pattern that utilizes basic crochet stitches. This practice will let you get comfortable with the basics while still creating a useful item for your home. Some easy patterns include dish cloths and baby blankets. There are even patterns that show you how to crochet the finishing for a blanket or an afghan.

Basic Crochet Supplies

Starting a crochet project requires a few basic supplies that you can find in your local craft store. The first thing you'll need is a good yarn that is easy to use. Acrylic or wool yarns are versatile in any project. Steer clear of silk or tape yarns, since these are best used for more complicated patterns.

The second thing you'll need is the right crochet hook for your chosen project. In the United States, crochet hooks are given a size from 1 to 15, and the larger the number, the larger the hook. The pattern you choose will tell you which size is best for your project.

The act of crocheting is simplicity itself, and when you experience the joy of making gifts for friends and family, you'll understand why crocheting has always been a terrific hobby!

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