Cross Stitch Patterns

Choosing a counted or stamped cross stitch pattern

When making a choice between counted or stamped projects, the choice of cross stitch patterns will depend primarily on your experience and interest level. Counted patterns are transferred from a drawing or graph onto a special blank fabric called evenweave. The pattern is filled in using embroidery thread, and the number of stitches is carefully counted throughout the project.

Another choice is the stamped cross stitch pattern, which is imprinted directly onto the fabric. With this method, you follow the color guide stamped on the fabric.

Stamped Cross Stitch Patterns

If you are just starting out, a kit with a stamped pattern will be the easiest to complete. Choose a small project, then move up to a larger, more complex pattern with a wider variety of colors. Before beginning to cross stitch:

The size of the project is an important consideration. The larger the pattern, the more time will be required to complete it. In the beginning, it will be less confusing if you keep both the pattern and the size reasonable. Stamped patterns may be complex, but can be completed more quickly than a counted cross stitch pattern.

Counted Cross Stitch Patterns

Counted cross stitch patterns are completed by counting the stitches in a pattern onto blank evenweave. Before beginning, become familiar with the:

  • instructions
  • pattern
  • thread
  • center point of the fabric

Since there is no printed guide, care must be taken to make stitches identical. To become familiar with counting stitches as you transfer them onto the fabric, first choose a simple, small pattern. Counted cross stitch patterns are more complex and take longer to complete, making this method a better choice for the more experienced cross stitcher.

Those drawn to cross stitching will find a wide variety of choices. For a change of pace, consider the Celtic designs cross stitch, known for being bold and striking, yet as simple in design as a knot or spiral. Celtic designs are easy to find in both stamped and counted cross stitch patterns.

A number of free cross stitch patterns are available for download online. There are thousands of choices available for everyone from beginner to expert. Choose patterns carefully, and before you know it, you will be able to stitch a multitude of designs.

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