Tips for craft embroidering

Embroidery is the decorating of materials or fabric by stitching with a thread and needle. Like other hobbies, this one is as old as fabric itself. Embroidery is used on everything from arts and crafts to fine home furnishings. Some designs are so simple that they are featured with kid's crafts. Though all of us may not be able to create the intricate embroidery designs often featured in famous publications, we can all still enjoy the hobby.

Embroidery Types

Custom embroidery is just what the name implies; customized work that is created with a special purpose or particular person in mind. Custom embroidery is often done for weddings or other special occasions.

Some embroidery will follow the weave of the material. In free embroidery design, such as Chinese embroidery or crewel embroidery, the weave of the material is not a consideration. The design will go all over the surface of the fabric. A hoop is often used to stretch the material so it will have the right tension to hold the embroidery pattern.

Embroidery Supplies

Embroidery thread is the name given to the specific type of thread used for embroidery. The thread comes in a full artists' palette of colors, usually with a smooth texture. The thread can be made from man-made or natural fibers; silk and acrylic yarns are both very popular. The type of embroidery thread will depend on the material being used and the type of project you are doing.

Embroidery Machines

Embroidery machines make the difficult work easy and are true time-savers. At first glance, these machines look like a typical sewing machine. Don't let first impressions fool you. Embroidery machines come with onboard computers and are preloaded with software that contains embroidery designs.

To use an embroidery machine, simply select your design and thread the embroidery machine with the right color of embroidery thread. Then, put your fabric under the foot pedal and step aside. The embroidery machine does all the work. In no time, you will have a completed project that you'll be proud to call your own!

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