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Embroidering tools and tips

Embroidery supplies, like other arts and crafts hobby supplies, have a wide selection to choose from. The beginner can be confused by which embroidery supplies are needed to get started on a project. Fortunately, embroidery is a hobby where only the basics are needed. The embroidery supplies you need to buy will largely be determined by which type of project you want to create.

Let's go over a brief list of what you need to get started on your embroidery.

Hand Embroidery Supplies

If you are doing any kind of handwork embroidery you will need some hand embroidery supplies. These will include a thimble, embroidery thread, special embroidery needles, a hoop or frame and of course, you will need fabric. Hand embroidery supplies may also be needed for embellishments on lap quilting projects.

Machine Embroidery Supplies

If you plan to embroider by machine, you'll need at least a good sewing machine with embroidery capabilities. Preferably, you'll invest in an actual embroidery machine. Then, you'll need needles, thread and bobbins for your machine, as well as special machine embroidery hoops. Machine embroidery software allows you to program complex designs into your embroider machine.

Punch Embroidery Supplies

Punch embroidery is a specialized form of embroidery, sometimes called needle punch or Russian embroidery. It uses various sizes of punch needles to push loops of thread, yarn and ribbon through the fabric, creating a highly textured effect. You will still need a hoop and tightly woven embroidery fabric, but the needles for this type of embroidery are different from regular embroidery.

Shopping for Embroidery Supplies

When looking for embroidery supplies, cost is always a factor. It is important to buy the highest quality that you can afford. Nothing is worse than spending hours creating an arts and crafts project only to find out that it won't hold up to the years of use that you expected. Cheap supplies that negatively impact your project results are not the bargain they claim to be.

You can often get good prices on embroidery supplies and other hobbies by purchasing wholesale embroidery supplies. This can be especially true for higher-end items like embroidery machines or large quantities of embroidery threads.

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