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Knitting, like many other hobbies and arts and crafts, is a great skill to learn. In times past, women would sit by the fire and create many items that would keep their families warm. It was a skill that was highly valued and passed down through the generations.

Like sewing, knitting was on the way to becoming a lost art. No longer do we knit out of necessity. Now, we can take up this arts and crafts hobby for pure enjoyment. There is such a wide variety of knitting supplies available to us these days that our grandmothers would be envious.

Knitting Basics

Getting started on this great hobby is easy. Let's go over a few basic knitting supplies to help you begin to learn how to knit. Soon, you will be on your way to outfitting your family and friends with great handcrafted projects.

The first thing you will want to do when learning how to knit is to pick up a book of simple knitting patterns. Included in the book will be knitting instructions. It will also tell you the skill level of each project that is listed and it will tell you what type of yarn to purchase. A good book of simple patterns is not only a good starting point but is a must-have for anyone taking up knitting.

Next, you will want to select your knitting yarn. Typically, yarns are available in acrylic, natural fibers or a combination of both. Some yarns are soft while others may be rough and scratchy. Heavy wool knitting yarn may scratch. It may be the perfect choice for a winter scarf but might not be the best choice for the blanket of a newborn baby. The type of yarn you need to buy will depend on which knitting project you select and the intended recipient of the item.

Knitting needles should be next on your list of knitting supplies. Knitting needles come in different styles and sizes. The knitting project that you selected will tell you which ones you need. Unlike sewing or embroidery needles, knitting needles resemble chopsticks. They are long, slender and come in different thicknesses. Other knitting needles are shaped like open-ended circles. The size of your knitting stitches will correspond to the size of your needle.

With these basics covered, you are well on your way to an arts and crafts hobby that will provide years of enjoyment. Happy knitting!

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