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Most needle crafts have an array of patterns available, and knitting is no exception. Look in any arts and crafts store and you will find a wide variety of books or pamphlets filled with knitting patterns. You can also find a number of free knitting patterns online.

Like quilting and sewing patterns, knitting patterns are usually broken down into different categories. You will find beginner level knitting patterns listed as "easy" knitting patterns or "knit in a day" patterns. Beginner patterns are simple and usually come with lots of pictures and extra tips for making your project.

Patterns for the experienced knitter are typically listed as "advanced." These knitting patterns assume that you already know the basics of knitting. Expect to find good knitting instructions but fewer pictures and tips.

Selecting Knitting Patterns

There are also different knitting patterns depending on the style of knitting or type of stitches that you do.

Most easy crochet and knitting patterns call for only a few basic stitches.

In the simplest projects, all of the stitches are the basic knit and purl. This type of knitting is called stockinette or a reverse stockinette. It's usually the first pattern people learn, and it's perfect for creating scarves and other flat knitting projects. Adding a second color to your project to create a stripe pattern is a great way to dress up this simple knitting pattern.

The cable pattern is a bit more complicated than the basic knit and purl. There are actually several variations that are all called cable patterns. As you progress, you will no doubt want to try these. Cable patterns are known for making beautiful, heavy sweaters, as well as hats.

Once you master a particular pattern, you can play with variations, or you can move on to more challenging projects. You may also try coming up with new patterns of your own. There are plenty of knitting stitches and numerous combinations to try.

Knitting patterns are available individually or in books, and can be found at your local craft or knitting store, as well as online. You might also consider joining (or starting) a knitting guild to share patterns and tips with other knitters. It's a great way to save money and spend time with others who share your hobby.

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