Knitting Supplies

Knitting needles and more

Knitting is like sewing, quilting or other hobbies; you need the right tools for the job. The secret to creating beautiful knitting projects is finding the right knitting supplies.

There are basic knitting supplies that you need to have no matter what project you're working on. Keeping these knitting supplies together in one convenient place will save you hours of frustration. There is nothing like wanting to start a project only to find that you cannot find one of your knitting needles! Some people use a large wicker basket to store their knitting supplies. Others like to have a clear plastic tote so they can see what is inside at a glance. Choosing is a matter of personal taste.

Knitting Machine

A knitting machine is a handy piece of equipment that seems to be gaining popularity. It can be either electric or hand powered. Many knitting machines can handle two different colors of knitting yarn. Manipulating the needles on the machine can create a wide variety of textures. The other advantage is that using a knitting machine can make your knitting go faster. This can be a time saver if you have several projects to complete.

By Hand

Many people still prefer to knit by hand like Grandma did, however. There is a lot of satisfaction from hand knitting. It can be relaxing, and the projects are portable. For this type of knitting, you will need a pair of knitting needles. These come in different thicknesses or sizes. The size of your stitch will be impacted by the size of the needle you use. The most common knitting needles resemble Chinese chopsticks. Other needles are formed to look like an open circle with thick ends. The type of project you want to create will determine both the type and size of your knitting needles.

Spool Knitting

Spool knitting is also known as French knitting. This type of knitting uses a spool with four nails in the top of it. The center portion of the spool is open and is where the knitting yarn comes through. This type of knitting is sometimes used to make knitted jewelry.

Knitting Yarn

Knitting yarn comes in almost every color and texture imaginable. There are two basic types: man-made yarn, such as acrylic, or natural knitting yarns, such as wool or cotton. Your project will determine which yarn you need. Follow the suggested yarns listed in your knitting pattern.

Armed with these basic supplies, you are now ready to explore the great arts and crafts world of knitting. Have fun!

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