Quilting Patterns

Quilt pattern ideas

There is a wide variety of quality quilting patterns available today. These can be found in any arts and crafts or hobbies store, fabric shop or even bookstore. This is enough to tantalize anyone who is interested in quilting or learning to quilt.

Quilt patterns range in skill level from beginner to advanced. Beginners quilt patterns will often include instructions on quilting basics, such as the quilt sandwich. These patterns generally consist of blocks. The block is a grouping of quilting fabric pieces that are sewn together. With enough blocks, you will have a quilt top. These quilting patterns will explain about piecing together a quilt block.

Some easy quilting patterns include sampler blocks where you put together several different types of blocks. They also may include quilting patterns with names like "nine patch." In this quilting pattern, nine squares of quilting fabric are sewn together to form a block. In a "four patch" pattern, you would use four squares of quilting fabric and so on.

Machine quilting patterns are patterns used on a quilting machine. These also range from the easy quilting patterns for beginners to the more complicated advanced quilting patterns for those who have been sewing longer.

Free quilting patterns abound. These are particularly abundant on the Internet. Other sources of free quilting patterns include your local library and possibly quilting guilds. Guilds are clubs that exist to help encourage the revival of interest in quilting. Guilds are great sources of information to help you keep up with the latest in quilting supply items, techniques and trends.

Other Items Made by Quilting

But don't think that quilting means you have to make a quilt. You can make other items, too! Some of the other projects include kitchen items like potholders and placemats, small quilting projects to hang on your wall or kids crafts. You can even find quilting patterns for vests and aprons.

When it comes to quilting, the sky is the limit for quilting patterns and arts and crafts ideas. Go ahead, give quilting a try. You'll be glad you did!

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