Quilting Supplies

Fabric, thread and quilt tools

Quilting supplies are important to finishing a great quilt. Like other arts and crafts such as knitting and sewing, using the right supplies leads to a finished product that you can be glad to call your own.

Knowing which quilting supplies you need to have can be a challenge for those who are just exploring beginning quilt patterns. Even more advanced quilters are always finding new gadgets and quilting supplies to keep them excited about this time-honored tradition.

When selecting quilting supplies, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Always buy the highest quality items you can afford. This will save you time and money in the long run. Cheap quilting supplies are not a bargain if they ruin your project or otherwise cause it to out wrong.
  • Quilting fabric is another item that you will not want to scrimp on. Bluntly said, this is your project. High-quality quilting fabric can last for generations. For trendy holiday crafts, the less expensive quilting fabric is probably fine, but if you want your project to become an heirloom, buy the better quilting fabric.
  • The right quilting machine can be a time saver and turn out beautiful quilts. These vary in price and are offered from different manufacturers. Some are essentially sewing machines with a wider base or other add-ons. Other quilting machines are commercial quality and designed to go through several thicknesses of quilting fabric. Some of these even come with preloaded software to offer a variety of quilting patterns, such as hearts or flowers.

If you are going to be quilting by hand, you will need a sturdy quilting frame. These also come in several varieties. One type of quilting frame is like the one used in previous generations. This type of quilting frame can take up an entire room and is often suspended from the ceiling. It allows several people to quilt at the same time.

Smaller quilting frames include lap quilt frames and quilting hoops. These are designed with smaller quilts or crafts projects in mind. They are lightweight and portable, so they can be worked on when you are on the go.

Another type of quilting frame is plastic tube quilting frames. These are about the size of an end table and are shaped like a cube. They allow large quilts to be quilted one section at a time.

These are the basic quilting supplies. With them, and some basic quilting knowledge, you are now ready to begin making the quilt of a lifetime!

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