Sewing Supplies

Ready, set, sew with sewing supplies

If you are just beginning to sew you may be dazed at all the gadgets and sewing supplies that are available to you. Relax. These days sewing should be fun. When you purchase sewing supplies, quality should always be foremost on your mind.

As with any hobbies or arts and crafts, you will need the right supplies to get started. Just like when you are knitting or creating craft projects, every person who sews has his or her personal list of must-have sewing supplies.

Let us take the guesswork out of which supplies you need. We will go over some basic sewing supplies that every person should keep in his or her sewing table.

Sewing machine and supplies

When shopping for sewing accessories, consider going with wholesale sewing supplies. This can save you some money. Discount sewing supplies should be as high quality as you need, and most sewing hobbyists look for marked down items on sale.

If you plan on making intricate sewing projects, the first article you will need to purchase is a sewing machine. There are many brands and pricing levels available. Plan how much you want to spend and stick to that amount. Consider your skill level; if you sew well or sew for other people, a top of the line machine may be a wise investment. Beginners may find themselves confused when faced with lots of bells and whistles. Purchase the best sewing machine that your budget and skill level will allow. You can always upgrade later. You will also need a supply of sewing machine needles and bobbins. These need to fit your sewing machine. It is a good idea to pick up extras when purchasing your machine.

Sewing accessories

A good pair of scissors should be the next item on your list. These do not have to be expensive – just very sharp for precise cutting. Scissors should easy to open and close and should cut well. As you progress with your sewing you will want a pair of scissors that can be resharpened as necessary.

Pinking shears look like zig-zag scissors because that's exactly what they are. The same rules apply when choosing these that apply when selecting scissors.

An iron and ironing board is a necessity. Irons should have variable heat settings and the option for steam or no-steam. Pick one that fits comfortably in your hand and isn't too heavy to lift.

Seam rippers are worth their weight in gold. Anyone who sews will occasionally make a mistake and require a seam ripper to remove any missed or mangled stitches. Good thread is a necessity. Make sure that you buy sturdy all-purpose thread for your sewing machine, and make sure it works well with your range of needles.

Now that the basic supplies are covered you are all set to have hours of sewing fun!

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