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Stock up on bird watching equipment

When developing your own birding supply list, consider the type of birding you'll most likely be doing. Do you intend to do a lot of hiking? Will most of your birding be done from your backyard? Are you interested in learning to identify bird songs? Whatever your reason, you can find birding equipment to meet your needs.

Birding Watching Binoculars

To make accurate identifications of bird species, you often need to rely on small details which would be difficult to see at any distance without a good pair of birding binoculars. Characteristics like bill shape, leg color and feather patterns can be hard to discern at even a few yards without a pair of binoculars.

When selecting bird watching binoculars, look for a pair that offers good distance vision and a wide field of view. You'll find these binoculars to be indispensible to your birding activities, so choose a lightweight, compact model, to make it easier to tote with you. Be sure to select a pair with a comfortable neck strap.

Birding Books and Field Guides

There are a number of excellent birding books and field guides available which can make selection difficult. These guides will be accompanying you on most of your birding excursions, so it's essential to select ones that are right for you.

The first consideration is portability. Choose one that's small enough to be carried easily, or that fits in your field bag. Spiral bindings are convenient, allowing you to keep your guide wide open.

Field guides are usually dedicated to the birds that are most often seen in a particular geographical area. In addition to a birding book for your area, you might want to consider guides for places adjacent to your own, as well as guides that will be helpful on any trips you take.

Perhaps the most critical element of any guide is the artwork. Be sure to choose a book which offers clear illustrations or photographs of the birds it covers. You'll be relying heavily on those graphics to make your identifications.

Birding Software

A relatively new but increasingly popular entry into the field of birding is birding software. Available for your home computer as well as portable devices, software can offer still photos as well as examples of birds in motion, as well as sound files of bird songs. Some software also allows you to record your sightings electronically.

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