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Bicycling enthusiasts need quality cycling apparel to provide safety and comfort. You risk accidents and injuries every time you ride a bicycle, so cycling accessories that protect you in case of these mishaps are of primary importance. Moreover, bicycling enthusiasts often ride for many miles and need bicycle clothing and accessories that help them stay comfortable for an extended period. There are several important considerations to keep in mind when choosing cycling accessories and clothing.

Bicycle Helmets

The most important accessory riders need is a safety helmet, especially if you plan to go mountain biking. Most helmets are adjustable; start with one that fits snugly, and use the provided padding to customize comfort. The weight of the helmet is also important, so choose the lightest and best-vented helmet you can afford. A bicycle helmet with a visor also improves your ability to see in bright or wet conditions.

Bicycle Clothing

When most people think of bicycling apparel, they picture tight-fitting spandex shorts. Cycling shorts minimize chafing and have padding in the crotch area to provide much-needed cushioning. If you don't want to wear tight shorts, you can get regular shorts that have padded cycling liners.

You don't want your shirt flapping in the wind, as it will increase resistance while you ride; thus, cycling jerseys are also made to fit snugly. Look for clothing made with a good wicking material, as it will help soak up perspiration and keep your skin dry. Riding burns a lot of calories, and a good cycling jersey will have pockets in the lower back, allowing you to bring healthy, calorie-dense snacks with you.

Cycling shoes are made with hard soles so you can pedal with full force without making your feet sore. However, you should make sure the cycling footwear is compatible with the type of pedals you have on your bicycle; some bikes have slotted petals, into which only narrow shoes can fit.

Cycling Accessories

Other accessories you should consider adding to your collection include cycling socks made of good wicking material, padded cycling gloves to reduce shock and chafing, and cycling eyewear to protect you from the sun's harmful rays as well as bugs and airborne debris.

Safety and comfort are key considerations to make when choosing clothing made from specific materials, but you shouldn't overlook style. Cycling accessories come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, so don't be afraid to choose something that expresses your individualism.

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