The many ways to catch a fish

Some hobbies are more like sports, and fishing is one of them. Some people go fishing to catch their dinner, while others fish for fun and throw back the fish they catch. Others aim for that trophy bass to hang on the wall. Whatever your goal, fishing is one of the few hobbies, along with bird watching, that allows you to spend time in the great outdoors.

The Types of Fishing

If you want fishing to be one of your hobbies, you first have to figure out why you want to fish, and how you want to do it. Are you going to eat what you catch? Or, will you get more satisfaction from catching a huge fish and then releasing it back into the wild? Bass fishing is often enjoyed by people who aim to catch the biggest, best-looking fish, but usually release them right after they're caught. Most of the people you see out fishing with a pole and line, though, intend to eat what they catch, and of course, they want to catch the biggest fish possible, too!

If you're in an area where you can enjoy deep sea fishing, you'll get to experience the adventure of heading out onto the ocean and fishing for larger fare and more exotic-looking fish, like swordfish, that are suitable for display on a study wall. Deep sea fishing is a great way to enjoy the ocean and the sport of fishing at the same time.

You might also enjoy fly fishing, which is much more involved than simply baiting a hook and waiting for a nibble. Fly fishing requires you to keep your bait moving all the time by snapping it back and throwing it out onto the water again.

If you're interested in eating your catch, you could go trout fishing or salmon fishing, or drop a line in your local lake and try to snag a blue gill or a catfish.

Fishing Gear

Fishing is one of the hobbies where sometimes the gear becomes as much a point of pride as the fish that are caught. A good tackle box is the essential piece of fishing gear, along with a pole, fishing line hooks and bait or colorful lures.

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