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One of the most ancient methods of catching fish is fly fishing. While this type of fishing is most often associated with the capture of salmon and trout, many other breeds of fish are likely candidates for being caught by the mighty fly. Fishermen today employ the use of fly fishing to catch many varieties of fish, including tarpon, snook, redfish, striped bass and even bone fish. Sometimes other fish are brought in by the fly fisherman, like bream, rudd or chub. Many anglers make it their goal as fishermen to bring in as many different varieties of fish as possible with the sole use of the fly.

Fly Fishing Gear

In order to plan the perfect outdoors fly fishing trip, you are going to need all of the necessary fly fishing equipment! The fly fisherman will always pack the following on a successful trip:

  • Fly fishing rods. These vary in size, weight and composition, but all are light yet strong rods meant to artfully present the fly to the fish prey.
  • Fly fishing reels. These also come in various styles, but all serve as storage of fishing line and as a brake method to hold on to particularly feisty fish.
  • Fly line. You would never get a fish without some line on which to dangle the fly! Different weights of line are used, but all fly line is light and ephemeral.
  • Fly tackle. This includes both the fly itself and the mechanisms for connecting the fly to the line.
  • Fly gear. Fly fishermen enjoy a wide range of clothing that distinguishes them from the ordinary fisherman. The most notable example is the fly fishing hat.
  • Fly accessories. There are endless little tools and gadgets available to help locate, bring in, capture, weigh and clean fish. Choose which you think are necessary for a good trip.

Fly Fishing Tips

  1. Try tying beads, cones and eyeballs to your fly to make the bait more interesting to the fish.
  2. Keep your fly box neatly organized to maintain your flies properly.
  3. Use your local fly shop for tips on interpreting stream flow.
  4. People with disabilities can enjoy fly fishing too. Check with local state parks for places where disabled persons have easy water access.

Fly Fishing Trips

The fly fishing trip can be enjoyed by people on a solo fishing trip or as group excursions. While the distance between participants and the need for quiet discourages much conversation, fly fishing trips are still great opportunities for bonding.

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