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Gardening is one of the world's most popular hobbies. There are so many different types of gardens you can grow and so many different plants you can put in your gardens, that there's virtually no limit to your creativity. Gardening can even supplement some other hobbies. Cooking can benefit from the fresh herbs you grow, and flowers can be used to make beautiful centerpieces and flower arrangements.

Your garden can be as unique as you are. Whether you have half an acre to fill or one small pot on your kitchen windowsill, you can enjoy gardening. Just get some beginning gardening tools like a shovel, a spade, a hoe, pruning shears and gloves, and you're ready to go. The hardest part might be narrowing down your choices.

Types of Gardening

Although most people immediately think of flower beds when they hear the word "garden," there are actually many different types of gardening. Find the one that suits you best, or try a combination for a little variety!

Vegetable gardening isn't just fun, it's practical. You get to eat what you grow. You can have tall corn in your garden, or small radishes with foliage that stands just a few inches tall. You can plant potatoes, which grow underground and require little work, or have rows of tomato plants, which require more tending. The choice is yours.

If you want to grow something delicious but don't have enough room for tomatoes or bell peppers, you can try container gardening and grow your own herbs. Most herbs will grow well in small pots you can keep right in your kitchen window. Plus, with container gardening, you won't need gardening supplies like shovels or shears – just pots, dirt and your seeds or plants.

Indoor gardening isn't just for herbs, though; you can grow a variety of plants in containers, from strawberry plants to catnip. You can even grow some fruit trees in containers, so don't give up on your favorites just because your space is limited.

Alternative Gardening

Organic gardening is popular today. In an organic garden, you use completely organic soil and only natural fertilizers and pest-control products. If you have a pond on your property, you might enjoy water gardening and growing beautiful aquatic plants. Or, practice your Zen meditation in a sand garden. Look around with an open mind, and you'll find there's a type of gardening for everyone.

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