Flower Gardening

A flower garden is a beautiful thing

Flower gardening is a popular hobby because not only do you get the fun and satisfaction of growing things, but you also make your yard more beautiful. Flower gardening can make other hobbies more fun, too. If you enjoy flower arranging, for instance, you can use fresh flowers from your own garden. Or, dry your favorites for use in crafts.

Flower Gardening Tips

A great source of flower gardening tips is your favorite gardener or a local gardening club. You can also find great tips. And maybe the perfect flower gardening idea, online or at the library. Here are some things to keep in mind when you're starting a flower garden:

  • Color
  • Height
  • Blooming period
  • Suitability for your region (soil type, weather, etc.)
  • Type (annual vs. perennial)
  • Starting method (bulb, seed or plant)

Envisioning Your Flower Garden

First, if you already have certain flowers and colors in mind, determine if they will grow well in your area. Some flowers do better in certain climates. If it turns out your local conditions won't support your favorite plant, take heart – you can always try indoor gardening to raise them.

Once you know which flowers and colors you want to work with, try to picture your finished garden in your mind. You're still in the planning phase of flower gardening right now – you'll want to do this to make sure that the tall flowers are in the back of your garden (or in the center, if it's a circular garden or one not against a wall or border). You don't want low-growing flowers to be hidden behind taller plants. Plan where you'll put each flower type and envision how the garden might look when everything's full grown.

Annual or Perennial?

Annual flower gardening requires that you replant the flowers each year. It's a great way to start gardening, and it gives you the option to change things up each year.

Perennial flower gardening is a long-term garden solution because the plants will return each year, sometimes with very little work on your part. Some perennial flower gardening might require you to mulch during the winter or take other precautions to ensure that the flowers return. Other perennials will come back for years no matter what. Bulb flower gardening requires a bit more work to start, but then the flowers appear each year with no additional effort on your part.

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